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Gourmand or foodie, there are myriad ways salt slabs can be used to reinvigorate your approach  to food preparation - to cook on, to cure with, as tableware, chilled plates, for salt therapy, or even as home decor to be simply gazed upon. 


Best Uses:

Salt slabs can be used to cook a variety of nibbles including but not limited to eggs, mushrooms; to sear choice cuts of meats– tenderloin, ribeye steak; and to sizzle any of the ocean’s bounty of scallops, prawns.

Material: Sodium Chloride

Dimensions: 24.5 cm x 14.5 cm x 4.5 cm

Weight: 5 kg

Origin: Pakistan

Cared for properly, HIMALAYAN FOOD-GRADE SALT SLABS can be put through many uses. When finally structurally unsound, salt slabs can be broken up and ground down into salt granules and used to season or finish food.

Instructions on usage and maintenance included.

Additional Info: As a natural product, dimensions, chips, and uneven distribution of minerals not to be viewed as defects. Due to the natural distribution of minerals, salt slabs have cracked during first heating. Adhering to heating best practice will minimise likelihood of this happening but in the event it does, safety is paramount. Do not handle salt pieces as it is very hot. Turn off fire and allow 3 hours for cooling down before clearing. After which, contact us for a one for one exchange. 

Delivery note: At checkout, do include contactable telephone number and next day delivery window as this product will be delivered direct to door. Charges will be incurred for redeliveries due to unavailability, which will be a shame. To qualify for next day delivery, orders should be made by noon the day before. Orders placed on Saturday and Sunday will be received on Monday, hence, next day would be Tuesday. 

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