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Bali Aga Smoked Salt is made from salt crystals hand harvested by traditional Balinese salt makers working with the pristine and mineral-rich seawater in East Bali. The salt is then slowly cold-smoked using real fires of sustainably harvested wood (grape wood, mahogany wood, coconut and rice husks) to infuse the salt with a pure and natural smokiness. Pyramid-shaped salt crystals are used as these have a greater surface area to for smoke infusion.


Best Uses:
One whiff is enough to charm and disarm. The slightly earthy, salty and sweet flavour combination makes it a natural coefficient for last minute seasoning of roasts and barbecue meats. Alternatively, half the cooking salt used and use Bali Aga Smoked Salt to finish salads and heavy soups to give it a much welcomed crunch.

Salt Grammar by The Indiana Supply Co Bali Aga Smoked Salt on Watermelon Fingers

Watermelon Fingers w Bali Aga Smoked Salt & Dark Chocolate Bits

After opening, re-seal and store in fridge to retain smokiness.

50g bag of Bali Aga Smoked Salt seasons 5kg of chicken wings. Approximately.

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