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The Asian flavours of Bali Aga Chilli Salt is made with Bali Fleur de Sel harvested by traditional Balinese salt farmers working with the crisp and mineral-rich seawater of Eastern Bali. The salt is then blended with dehydrated organic chilli.


Best uses:
Spicy, and brings on the shakes, in a good way. Excellent for seasoning poultry, grilled pineapples, and garnishing Bloody Mary and afternoon cocktails alike.
Then again, if you are the type to have afternoon cocktails, you might be the type to experiment using Bali Aga Chilli Salt as a finishing for chocolate desserts.

Salt Grammar by The Indiana Supply Co Bali Aga Chilli Salt on Chocolate Tart with Roasted Almonds

 Chilli Chocolate Tart w Roasted Almonds.

100g bag of Bali Aga Chilli Salt makes 100 cocktails, or seasons 10kg of Chicken Wings. Approximately.

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