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Perry Ho

Yesterday, I did a Bring Your Parent To Work Day (BYPTWD) day. We visited one of the kitchens we supplied our salts to, dropped in to other kitchens, and we took up an offer to visit National Gallery Singapore. I did a BYPTWD for a few reasons 1) My dad has never been to a modern dining establishment, 2) My dad has no idea what I do, so by bringing him along, he might learn a little about the world today, and in turn, so that you can learn a little about us at The Indiana Supply Company.

I started off by saying the day could go either way - plain sailing or damage control/disaster management and it normally is the latter Wednesdays through to Saturdays and then Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays.

First stop, lunch at Bacchanalia.

Salt Grammar by The Indiana Supply Co BringYour ParentToWorkDay

Ivan and Mark have been supporters of what we do since day one and my dad, after hearing about Bacchanalia, was thrilled to be greeted by Ivan at the door. 

Casual fine dining setting was perfect for our day.

Salt Grammar by The Indiana Supply Co BringYourParentToWorkDay1 Bacchanalia 1stCourse

1st course - Scallops, borlotti beans, cacao.

The cacao, I was told, brought everything together. Everything to say not just on the plate, but everything as in everything. This is why I wanted to BYPTWD. It's really hard to articulate these things but this is a start.

Salt Grammar by The Indiana Supply Co BringYourParentToWorkDay1 Bacchanalia 1stCourses

Main - Barramundi, soy beans, kohlrabi, salsa verde.

I had the duck. One of the tastiest dishes I have ever eaten. Just a noble, noble dish.

Salt Grammar by The Indiana Supply Co BringYourParentToWorkDay1 Bacchanalia Dessert

Dessert - Grapefruit and bitter chocolate tart, assam tea ice cream.

At some point the lighting went out but people still kept streaming in and packed 39 Hong Kong Street to the brim. (Ivan, don’t worry about it. It’s only light, it’s not going to stop people hell-bent on a good thing.)

My dad was fascinated to finally see some modern platings and taste modern cooking techniques but we were on a tight schedule and couldn't do the longer courses. 

Ivan, your team and you are (ninja) stars. Mark, you were sorely missed; I kept telling my dad he’d be meeting the tallest guy in F&B. 

Without giving too much away, Ivan and I are looking to bring you something new. 

Next stop, National Gallery Singapore.

We could certainly come by after official opening but I couldn't pass up taking my dad on a preview. We stopped fleetingly in one of the kitchens there and were swiftly on our way. Should we be back, I must tell you the circumstances under which chef and I met.

All in all, a good day at the office.

Regular programming resumes tomorrow.

Perry Ho
Indian Chief
The Indiana Supply Company
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