Recipe: Smoked Salt Oven Beef (Medium)

Perry Ho

Salt Grammar by The Indiana Supply Co Smoked Salt Oven Beef cut

We received this stunning slab of beef from our dear friend Pamela. After a Dexter moment portioning and Frenching, you can see that the cuts just radiate.


With such a quality cut, we decided not to do too much other than season with some choice salt and pepper. On the side, we made a shallot and red wine-butter reduction.



1kg beef (with bone)

Spoonful of crushed pepper corns. We used white pepper.

Fistful of Bali Aga Smoked Salt.

Salt Grammar by The Indiana Supply Co Smoked Salt Oven Beef salt and pepper


Since the meat was vacuum-sealed and had only seen the inside of the fridge, we took it out to warm to room temperature. About 1 hour.

Cover the steak with a thin layer of oil.

Crush half of the smoked salt, mix it in with the uncrushed half and rub into the meat. This produces two oh-so-desirable outcomes. Because of the high melting point of salt, some of the uncrushed salt will not completely dissolve and it will 1) surprise with a bright burst of flavour, and 2) the crunch... we are not just talking about a good looking glaze but a crispy, crackling almost, crunchy chow down.

In a pan with a lively cooking surface, sear the open faces of the steak. Between 3-4 minutes. Once in, tempting as it may be, try not to move/reposition/adjust the steak. 

Preheat oven to 200°C.

Transfer searing pan wholesale straight into the oven (make sure the handle won’t melt. If it will, transfer into an oven preheated pan). For 10 minutes.

Looking to achieve an internal temperature of 58°C (we were aiming for a medium-rare doneness) we overshot and hit 70°C.

After 10 minutes, remove the steak from the oven and transfer to a unheated plate and leave it to rest for 15 mins.

Slice at the table. Our steak turned out medium done.

Salt Grammar by The Indiana Supply Co Smoked Salt Oven Beef done

The meat was lush. And with every bite was a hint of various degrees of smokiness, saltiness, crunch, punch, fat and what can only be described as soft bones.


Wonderful stuff. 


Thanks Pam! We did what we do best and it turned out to be the bee’s knees.

Looking out and waiting for your next venture.

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