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Salt Grammar by The Indiana Supply Co Dinner When It's Bright Outside


I have included a link at the end of this post about dinner times.


How I arrived at it began simply enough: Why do other cultures find it humourous that Chinese people eat dinner at 4 P.M.? I thought this was dead and buried news but came across it over dinner. In 2015.


I never really understood why this is exactly? Gluttony? I am, however, aware of its joke value, and have set up this punch line many times. And each time, they walk right in.


I chuckle along, not really knowing why. 


So I did a quick search on the internet. It was no help (perhaps because the internet doesn’t eat), and that’s when I came across the link mentioned. 




When I was in the navy, the meal at high noon was referred to as ‘Dinner’. 


The 6 P.M. meal was referred to as ‘Supper.’




Notice how it is always bright and sunny outside the window, even though the painting is titled The Last Supper? Here, here, and here.




And here's the Meal times link.


Quick summary for those who don’t have a week off to go through the website: 


Throughout history/culture, dinner has been conducted (I say conducted, but I mean invented) when it is light outside, when it is dark outside, at varying times of the day: 9 A.M., 11 A.M., 12 P.M., 3 P.M., 5 P.M. … These timings have been arrived at because of, but not limited to, secular forces, religious teachings, politics, superstitions, science, literature, and at times decided upon simply by necessity: children, the sick, the elderly… 


What does this mean? Nothing is ever set in stone, especially not dinnertime. So don’t get too comfortable with yours just yet.


Eat whatever you want, whenever you want. If I am licking my lips and rubbing my palms together at the calories placed before me at quarter past 4pm, I’m having the last laugh.


Bon appetite.


Our principal preoccupation is always: edible whole salts. These go by other close approximations e.g. unrefined salts, macrobiotic salts et al. After which, the salt story becomes our preoccupation. A salt's story is one of the most precise way for you to know about a salt. If you don't read about this under the Product Description, click on Salt Grammar for more info.

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