Naked Scallops Pan Fried

Sometimes you click on a recipe to be challenged by its complexity in execution. This is not one of those times. No. This is an absolutely cinch with a pinch! That is entirely the point. The best bit about amazing salts is that it allows anyone to pull-off amazingly simple dishes. 




Bali Aga Chilli Salt and/or Bali Aga Lime & Celery Salt

Time: 3 minutes

Pat dry the scallops with a napkin.

Season with a pinch of pepper each.

Leave the salt seasoning till just before the scallops go into the pan as salt will draw the liquid out of the bivalves.

Lightly oil pan and turn up the heat till a lively cooking surface is achieved.

Season each scallop with one flavour of salt. Aim for more herbs than salt granules as scallops are slightly salty.

Introduce to pan and, depending on size of scallop, fry no longer than 1 minute for top and bottom side. Scallops should be crispy on the outside, and soft and raw (almost) on the inside.


Our principal preoccupation is always: edible whole salts. These go by other close approximations e.g. unrefined salts, macrobiotic salts et al. After which, the salt story becomes our preoccupation. A salt's story is one of the most precise way for you to know about a salt. If you don't read about this under the Product Description, click on Salt Grammar for more info.

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