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Perry Ho


August is fast upon us and all we can say is ‘Thanks for sticking around!’

Should you be a home cook, foodie, chef, beginner, veteran or aspirant, or know people alike, stick around a little more. Salt Grammar by The Indiana Supply Co. the online store is up and running and we are stocked with some beautiful salts. All our salts are wholesome, un-refined, unbleached, present with trace minerals, and free from chemicals and additives.

Before we go any further, how did we get here, in this current environment of cheap, chemically refined and bleached salt? Quite simply, the Industrial Complex + The Salt Economy. The World Salt Economy dictates that there are profits to be made in salt, but only in the world of industry. Salt is absolutely necessary for the production of Textiles, Pharmaceuticals, Petroleum, Glass, Infrastructure etc, etc, et al. The Industrial Complex knows this, and is focused on salts to serve these markets. Why not - it makes up some 70%-80% of the Salt Economy. So what happens to surplus? Quite often, any surplus, say from the Petroleum industry, is refined to 99.9% purity, bleached loaded with anti-caking additives, and these flood the consumer market.

How then to make sense of all that out there?

For something as fundamental as salt, a complex language is necessary to describe and to understand it, hence, the Grammar of Salt. Along with salts, you will be able to read about how a salt is made, how it has come to be in our online store. You will come across terms such us hand-harvested, traceability.

At the end of the day, this is about reclaiming a little bit about how you eat. If there is a salt that you are looking for and don't see it in our store, there is a good chance that it will in time. You are always welcome to write in to tell us about it too.

Start your dining conversations with Salt Grammar. Salt well.

Until then, digitally yours, forever and one day.


Our principal preoccupation is always: edible whole salts. These go by other close approximations e.g. unrefined salts, macrobiotic salts et al. After which, the salt story becomes our preoccupation. A salt's story is one of the most precise way for you to know about a salt. If you don't read about this under the Product Description, click on Salt Grammar for more info.

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